Sebastian Scheplitz

Sebastian Scheplitz, CEO of Translation Royale, The Content Spa, Hotcopy Asia, and Mastercut Video, has faced no end of adversity in his life. But through the struggle, he found greatness and strength.

In his twenties, Scheplitz arrived at a crossroads. He was met with a decision: to fall in line and do as he’s always done, or forge his own path ahead. Having realized that he didn’t have to listen to what others told him or do what was expected of him, he chose the latter. He admits he’d always known that he needed to do this — even as…

We’re all capable of finding our truth. But in an effort to live a loving, well-nourished life, many get lost along the way.

It’s time for this to change. Natalie Southgate, the founder of Chakradance, believes that your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

Photo credit Emma Sheldrake

“The difference between stagnation and growth can often be found in your chakras,” Southgate explains. The chakras are described as “spinning wheels of energy located along your spine”, and they’re said to adversely affect nearby organs, glands, and specific aspects of our lives when blocked or imbalanced. Southgate believes that…

A lot of people are convinced that without a proper diet, their kids are leading a healthy life: with or without ADHD.

Dana Kay, CEO and founder of Our Road to Thrive, thinks otherwise.

Kay is a board-certified holistic health and nutrition practitioner, and her goal is to help parents reduce their children’s ADHD symptoms from home with an all-natural family approach to health and wellness. Having worked tirelessly to alleviate her own son’s ADHD symptoms, she now uses the wisdom, education, and skills she gained on her own journey to help her community find peace in their households.

Our Gut, and What Many Don’t Know


As a young girl born and raised in L.A., Tiffany Stiger dreamed of making a name for herself. With the ongoing support of her parents and her own self-confidence, she began a career in acting and modeling as a teenager. By multiple markers, she was and continues to be a successful actress and model — working for big names like Nike, AT&T and VH1.

Tiffany loves her continued work in modeling, acting, and entrepreneurship. Yet, she shares with us that music is what truly tugs at her heart strings. Her passion for creating music can be heard through each of…

The world can be an ugly place sometimes. No matter how perfect your life may start out, there’s always the possibility that it may take a tragic and unexpected turn. But that doesn’t mean that life isn’t worth living, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t bounce back.

Suffering in silence is one of the hardest things for the human mind to bear. The suffocating feeling of having negative memories stuck inside you that you’re unable to express is paralyzing because you don’t know how to break the bindings that silence has had on you for so long.

It can…

A few months ago, Kristin Thomas received a text message from her client, Sophie Shepherd.

“Kristin — I can’t even believe this. I’ve just closed another sale at full price. I just reached my biggest revenue month yet!”

That’s a big deal for any emerging entrepreneur. The fact that it occurred in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing short of phenomenal.

“It was a lot of money to be making per month,” says Kristin. …

To be successful in business, most of us would agree you need at least one of two things: money, or education.

Some people grind through years of college education to earn an MBA, while others invest thousands of dollars in venture capital.

Ingrid Arna did neither.

Arna not only started her own business out of nothing but scaled rapidly with zero capital investment.

Within 18 months, she’d made her first million online.

Three years later, she’d built a multimillion-dollar international company.

While other businesses crumbled during the global pandemic, Arna thrived. …

Starting an online business is no easy feat, but the vast majority of entrepreneurs will agree that it’s worth the effort. But why go through months of grinding if you can get the same results in a matter of weeks?

That’s the value proposition that Junior “JR” Anthony has built his businesses around. He’s achieved outstanding results for all his students, gaining him recognition in the business coaching space.

In a world of big names from big brands going on to start other big brands and countless startup success stories, it’s nice to see someone just succeeding at what they…

You won’t find Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen at any university or in any classroom. They don’t hold teaching degrees (or any other degree for that matter) and don’t give lectures or assign homework.

Yet, these twins are two of the most successful teachers today. They’ve taught thousands of happy students through their online course.

The Mikkelsen Twins aren’t just teachers — they’re entrepreneurs. The duo dropped out of college to start a business. After many ventures of varying success, they finally found a winning business model: self-publishing and selling books on Amazon.

The Twins started a very profitable book publishing…

Decentralized finance, often abbreviated to DeFi, is an emerging sector of the cryptocurrency industry. While government commodities like gold were once backed by fiat currency, cryptocurrency has never been backed by anything. Decentralized finance is separate from any government institution, bank, or agency. These technologies are built from the ground-up and rely on blockchain ledgers and smart contracts.

But is decentralized finance just a fad or will, it grow to become something much more significant? Plenty of recent events, such as the bZx hack and CryptoCore’s phishing scams, have raised skepticism about the industry. Is something as new and radical…

Rhonda Swan

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