A Leveraged Leader: Ingrid Arna Teaches Women A Systematic Approach To Earning More And Working Less

Rhonda Swan
7 min readNov 13, 2020

To be successful in business, most of us would agree you need at least one of two things: money, or education.

Some people grind through years of college education to earn an MBA, while others invest thousands of dollars in venture capital.

Ingrid Arna did neither.

Arna not only started her own business out of nothing but scaled rapidly with zero capital investment.

Within 18 months, she’d made her first million online.

Three years later, she’d built a multimillion-dollar international company.

While other businesses crumbled during the global pandemic, Arna thrived. Her growth peaked at 60% and she enjoyed her highest revenue month to date.

Now, she’s encouraging other would-be entrepreneurs to take advantage of what she calls a ‘social boom’.

“The online space is still very much alive,” she says. “In fact, it’s thriving. People are crying out for help to expand their businesses, improve their health and relationships, and transform their dreams into reality.”

Arna’s strategy is simple: solve people’s problems, and you’ll be bound for growth, no matter the economic climate.

If you have a computer and internet access, even the pandemic can’t stop you. The world is at your fingertips — literally.

“It’s not doom and gloom: it’s sell, serve, and boom in a new economy,” she enthuses. “A revolution in online marketing and monetization has begun.”

The ‘new’ economy is creating opportunities for new markets, she says.

New niche industries and service delivery models are unlocking fortunes for those who want them.

That means forging a new paradigm in business. Emerging entrepreneurs must be able to learn, pivot, knuckle down, and lead.

The uncompromising rise of new educators and entrepreneurs is what will create massive global change.

Arna has built her own business in this new economy, which has been referred to as ‘conscious capitalism’.

Conscious capitalism is about creating enterprise that contributes to society. This is done by fusing online education with service to create impact — while at the same time escalating growth.

“We live in an online world,” Arna explains. “If you haven’t already claimed your online real estate, you need to get clear on how to claim it and innovate now.”

The world of online education, coaching, and consulting are worth $325 billion, she says. And the figures prove it: Facebook now has around 2.9 billion active users, YouTube viewership is up 160%, and internet usage overall is up 50%. But the real kicker is that ad costs are down by 30% to 40%.

These are the perfect conditions for a windfall in any online business, Arna insists. The market for coaching, consulting, and online learning is vast.

So, why is it that fewer than one per cent of online coaches and consultants make seven figures a year?

Well, Arna points out, the majority of these coaches are building their businesses blindly. They don’t have a clear vision or strategy for sustainable success.

Worse, they don’t understand what it means to adapt. Inevitably, they perish.

“I built my business with my back against the wall, so the adaptation was the only option,” she says. “Economic pressure can create a perfect storm for success.”

Successful growth comes down to solving people’s problems with speed and excellence, Arna says. And the fastest and easiest way to do this is by following three principles:


Arna explains that at the heart of all highly successful online brands is something very simple: a great product. Achieving wild success online starts with discovering what people want, then giving it to them.

“The online education niche allows you to take your life’s calling and years of experience and turn them into a successful online course, program, or membership that deeply serves your ideal client,” she says.

The real sweet spot, of course, is lining this up with something you’re deeply passionate about.

“If you’re not obsessed with your topic, your course will be about as exciting as a dinner date with a cardboard cut out,” she laughs.

In Arna’s experience, a successful online course doesn’t mean you have to teach at a university level. People want simplicity, accessibility, and practical solutions.

She encourages would-be entrepreneurs to think about their skills, talents, and life experiences. Anything counts: business, branding, financial planning, leadership coaching, personal development, wellness, weight loss, marriage counseling, spiritual development, and even overcoming the death of a loved one… the list of possible course topics is endless.

“Often we teach what we most need to learn in life,” she says. “Take your life’s pain, turn it into a product that serves your customer, and you’ll be set for rapid success.”


Entrepreneurs often confuse their customers about how they can help them.

If your message isn’t clear enough, it’ll be impossible to turn your audience into buyers.

Arna’s “Currency of Connection” method involves using social media as a vehicle to bring messages to the masses.

“We clearly articulate who we are and what we can do for our potential clients and customers,” she says. “This plays to the online algorithms and ensures continuity in our audience, exponentially increasing organic reach.”

A potential customer will decide whether you’re worth their time or not within seconds, Arna explains. That’s why your message needs to immediately captivate and connect with them.

“Connection is at the heart of all conversion and activates one of the most important principles in the sales process… trust,” she says. “When a buyer finds a brand they trust, they will inevitably buy.”

The key is being able to explain their problem better than they can themselves. Then, you show them you’re the one with the solution. When customers feel seen and understood, they know that you care.

“This level of deep emotional rapport is how we’ve created a massive audience of loyal customers and expanded in a ‘downturn’. The offline market might be in free fall, but our industry is booming.”


Creating a business that has a global impact must first have a global following. Without an automated lead acquisition model, you’ll never gain the audience you need. Only the right strategy will allow you to attract thousands of new leads and customers every single month.

But how do you avoid being lost in a sea of leads?

“Each person needs to be touched in a powerful, engaging, and meaningful way,” Arna advises. “Here’s the thing: there’s no way I would have been able to serve the thousands of students in my online courses and programs by nurturing and selling to them one-by-one.”

Personal and automated touchpoints will help you create a big business, she says.

“People want intimate attention and an experience to remember. This does not require your time. The key to a multimillion-dollar business is not working harder but implementing systems, strategies, and a scalable course that delivers an outstanding service to customers.”

She explains that if your business can take on limitless students 24/7 without costing you time, your income will grow beyond your wildest dreams. This allows you more time to enjoy your life.

When you have a product that delivers on its promise, allows for scale and has a strong marketing strategy to fuel sales, you’ve hit gold. , she declares. Once you’ve established a successful digital course or group program, you’ll be able to reach customers without working for an hourly rate.

But first, you have to have the right structure in place. And unfortunately, many online entrepreneurs over-think the process of selling and fail to set up the necessary structures for success.

Structure is vital, she says. The foundation of your business will determine whether you succeed, or whether you come to a screeching halt within months.

That’s where an automated lead system or funnel will help you to meet your ideal client. From there, you can give them what they desperately need — for free — and ultimately convert them into a buyer.

“Not only does this ensure growth, but sanity for yourself, your family, and your team,” Arna says. “Gone are the days of traditional coaching and consulting where each new client means 10 to 100 hours of service delivery.”

Arna has already achieved this herself. Having escaped the “consultancy curse”, she now makes money while she sleeps — without warehousing, without drop-shipping, and without working 80-hour workweeks.

“We’ve used these three principles to create a seamless, 24-hour non-stop sales cycle in our online empires,” she says. “And you can too — whether you want to be the CEO in flip flops at the beach, live the nomadic lifestyle with your family, or simply create a recession-proof income for yourself.”

Making it in the online world — pandemic or not — can happen right here and now, she says.

“It’s time to lead and leverage your skills with a business that makes your soul sing and your cash register ring as you create a legacy brand and a life of influence, wellbeing, and true freedom.”


Ingrid Arna is the CEO of IngridArna.com, one of the fastest growing online education and coaching platforms. Ingrid teaches entrepreneurs worldwide to scale their reach, revenue, and ROI, while creating 7- and 8-figure legacy brands.



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