Bali Street Mums Project Saves Children

Rhonda Swan
3 min readMay 29, 2020


The Help Me Rhonda Show with Jamillah Beresford

Saving Kids From The Denpasar Dumps

Jamillah Beresford is the Ambassador for the Bali Street Mums Project. They help take kids off of the streets of Denpasar and educate moms to earn a living. There are kids all over this country that need help and hope and the Bali Street Mums Project is doing incredible things to help them.

The Bali Street Mums Project provides shelter and aid to mothers and children who are begging on the urban streets of Bali due to poverty, helping bring the kids & their mothers off of the streets and to educate them with a skill that can help them survive on their own.

Watch how the Bali Street Mums Project started and discover how they do what they do.

The Help Me Rhonda Show- Bali Street Mums Project Saves Children with Jamillah Beresford

Here are the aids that Bali Street Mums provide :

  • Breakfast in the slums

Most children living in the slums in Bali, get to eat only one bowl of rice per day, resulting in malnutrition and illness. They provide a full protein breakfast, fruit, milk, and Vitamin C supplements to 35 street kids per day.

  • Moving families into safe housing

Many of the mums and kids live in small huts with mud floors and no sanitation in dangerous slums. Bali Street Mums moves the mums and kids into clean safe housing.

  • Medical aid

A number of our kids have medical conditions as a result of begging on the streets and having no nutrition and sleep. Also many have suffered sexual and violent abuse on the streets. Bali Street Mums provides medical aid and counseling.

  • School for the children

Children who are begging up to 12 hours a day on the hot streets of Kuta do not get to go to school. Once Bali Street Mum rescues the kids from the streets they enroll them in school providing uniforms books and school fees.

  • Mothers training

It is important the mothers earn an income so that they do not take their children back to the streets to beg. Bali Street Mums teach the mothers handicrafts which are then sold through various shops and markets providing the mums with an income. They also work with Mothers who live at the rubbish dump in Denpasar and pick through the rubbish piles looking for recyclables to sell.

Bali Street Mums rely on donations from the public to support their project, so if you want to support the cause, I’m encouraging you to donate. A simple act of kindness goes a long way and will reach the ones who need it the most. Thank you in advance!

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