Coffee and Orgasms: The 2021 Program That Helps Women Break Their Silence on Sexual Trauma

Coffee and Orgasms: The Most Anticipated Sexual Trauma Recovery Program of 2021

The problem isn’t going away

“A third of women who are raped contemplate suicide. That trend will continue to rise if we don’t do our part to support those who have gone through more than anyone ever should. They need comfort and the chance to speak out in order to live their life with confidence.” — Dayana Muñoz

The C&O Approach

#1 Release

#2 Reclaim

#3 Rebirth

“Allow yourself to lead with patience and forgiveness when you enter this journey. The change will not happen overnight, but the joy and wholeness will arrive during these breakthrough moments.”
- Dayana Muñoz

Identifying Triggers

The Muñoz Message


Get help today, live your better life tomorrow — RAINN



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