Credibility Over Cash: How Tiffany Stiger Built a Music Promotional Company Full of Thriving Artists

Rhonda Swan
6 min readFeb 15, 2021

As a young girl born and raised in L.A., Tiffany Stiger dreamed of making a name for herself. With the ongoing support of her parents and her own self-confidence, she began a career in acting and modeling as a teenager. By multiple markers, she was and continues to be a successful actress and model — working for big names like Nike, AT&T and VH1.

Tiffany loves her continued work in modeling, acting, and entrepreneurship. Yet, she shares with us that music is what truly tugs at her heart strings. Her passion for creating music can be heard through each of her songs. In fact, record labels recognized her potential and passion and attempted to exploit her when she was first starting her music career.

Learning From Her Own Struggles as an Artist

Once Tiffany, also known as Hott Kitty Kat, entered the music industry, she knew it was for her. Unfortunately, she says she was naive when she was offered her first music contract. Eager to make her presence known, she took the deal right away. This decision, and many that followed, cost her dearly in time, energy, exposure, and money.

“I’ve signed contracts that I didn’t read. I was just excited about the deal.”

She mentions that this is a common challenge for new and budding artists. Since many don’t understand the business side of the music industry, they can squander an otherwise prosperous career. This is an unfortunate reality for many up-and-coming artists; they become a slave to their record label.

“As creators, we [often] don’t know how the business side of things work. I had millions of streams on my record and hardly saw a penny. This taught me to be a voice for these musicians to help them get charted, and help them get featured with those who are already mainstream.”

From Adversity Emerges a Life Changing Business

After suffering through these bad deals in her own career, Tiffany knew there was a better way. She started her own music promotional company, Elite Music Promotions, to help her fellow artists navigate the ambiguity that comes with entering the music scene. She is fiercely determined to help music artists like herself be their own best advocates.

Elite Music Promotions is dedicated to empowering artists. Tiffany takes each of her clients’ goals very seriously, helping them feel heard and confident in their careers. This equates to a successful business, happy clients, and artists that reach and dominate their goals over and over again. Her company specializes in getting their clients the exposure they need to show their music to the world and make a name for themselves.

“We take our clients very seriously. Whether they’re music artists, models, or actors, we take them seriously because of the experience that I’ve been through with poor contracts. That’s why I take my time to help my clients.”

Tiffany’s Focus on Credibility

Tiffany uses her own mistakes and challenges to help her clients put their best foot forward. She also mentions that she has always done her best to live an authentic life. A quote that has stuck with her from a young age from her father is this: “What’s more valuable than money is credibility.” This idea is simple yet powerful.

“If you’re credible and people trust you and feel comfortable with you, then a lot can happen. But if you don’t do what you say you’re going to do, then nothing will work for you. Rumours are bad for your brand; this is what I tell people every day. That’s what my father taught me as a child. He had his own business and would tell me, ‘This company just trusted me with over 50,000 of their products. They know that my word is bond.’ That is a valuable thing that a lot of people don’t understand. Credibility is very valuable.”

She now inspires her artists to build a brand based on authenticity and credibility. This helps them create a brand and grow their audience based on authenticity. Her current success can be attributed to her genuine passion to inspire and improve the quality of life of every person that she comes in contact with. It’s what has helped her work with big names like Tamar Braxton and many other platinum recording artists.

Making a Big Splash in the Music Industry

Outside of credibility and building trust, Tiffany has a few wise words of advice for her fellow music artists. Egos can get big in the music industry, but she reminds us that staying humble and open to collaboration can make or break an artist. “Let someone listen to [your song] and give you their honest opinion on it.” She recalls one of her own songs that she thought was perfect until she shared it with a friend.

Being able to take the advice constructively, rather than offensively, helped her put out a much better version of the song. This simple perspective shift ensures that Tiffany, and her clients, put out the highest quality work possible.

In life, many of us strive to find that one thing that we are passionate about. And if we’re really lucky, that one thing can become our career and source of income. In fact, Tiffany believes that chasing your dreams and working hard on your passions are important parts of making a name for yourself in the music industry — or any industry, for that matter.

“Put your all into your music. Make it your career. If you half-way do it, then you won’t get far. You have to put your all into it and treat it like it’s your job. Those successful artists that really make it, they go all in and make it [their] true passion.”

Tiffany is an Inspiration to Entrepreneurs

If you’re a music artist or any kind of entrepreneur, Tiffany’s authenticity is a breath of fresh air. Her no nonsense approach to high quality work, and her hard work itself, is what has made her dreams a reality. With her own grit and confidence, regardless of what others think or how record labels have tried to minimize her, she has grown massively as an individual and in business. She was even recently placed in McDonald’s Golden Mosaic with over 2,000 other black females around the world, being honored for her success and dedication to an authentic life.

These days, as a serial entrepreneur, Tiffany demonstrates that it’s perfectly okay to dabble in many realms of business as long as you are clear on your vision for your biggest passion. She uses her love for music as a platform and inspiration for all of her other ventures, such as her clothing line, ‘Entrepreneur Boss’, and video production company, ‘Stiger Entertainment’. Her brand, Hott Kitty Kat, also just launched ‘Supreme Lashes’ that can be worn over and over again.

Tiffany’s struggle as a young new artist could have left her feeling totally defeated. Instead, she used it to pivot into a market that she loves as much as making music — helping others promote their music. With her relentless dedication to helping her clients find true success, she will continue to create a positive ripple effect in the music industry with every artist she influences.



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