From Tradition to Vision: How Sebastian Scheplitz Shifted His Mindset to Build a Successful Marketing Agency

Rhonda Swan
7 min readApr 5, 2021
Sebastian Scheplitz

Sebastian Scheplitz, CEO of Translation Royale, The Content Spa, Hotcopy Asia, and Mastercut Video, has faced no end of adversity in his life. But through the struggle, he found greatness and strength.

In his twenties, Scheplitz arrived at a crossroads. He was met with a decision: to fall in line and do as he’s always done, or forge his own path ahead. Having realized that he didn’t have to listen to what others told him or do what was expected of him, he chose the latter. He admits he’d always known that he needed to do this — even as a teenager. However, it took him a while to incorporate it into his own life and truly take control over his future.

When he finally did, his career was able to blossom and grow exponentially. Now, he’s the CEO and manager of four different successful marketing agencies in niches ranging from online sports betting to beauty, lifestyle, and video marketing, all while also investing in several online start-ups.

What has helped Scheplitz stand out is his love for inspiring and supporting his team and clients by showing them what’s possible when they unleash their brand. He notes that he knows what it’s like to need help and not get it when looking for a job or building a business. He says, “I know how it feels when no one wants to help you, and now I want to help others.” This is why he wants to be a beacon of hope for his clients that have dreams of starting their business but don’t know where to start.

Scheplitz’s Mindset Blocks as a Child

Scheplitz’s life as a kid was spent being told by others what he could and couldn’t do. Living in a socialist country, most of the people around him thought of life in very traditional terms. He was taught by his culture to be well-behaved, prepare for a career within his social status, and live a life of mediocrity.

Scheplitz’s limiting beliefs were furthered by a traumatic car accident that he sustained at the age of six. As a consequence, Scheplitz fell into a short coma. After he woke up, he had to learn to walk again. He was told by his medical team that he’d never be able to play sports. Unfortunately, it led to a lot of bullying in school because he was viewed as an outcast.

Scheplitz noticed a shift, however, when he stopped listening to what he was being told. First, he started swimming on a club level nine years after his accident. He immediately loved it and excelled. Once he realized that he could continue playing sports he loved, he discovered a passion for basketball and enjoyed a fulfilling career as a basketball coach while attending university.

These experiences helped him realize that he didn’t need to listen to what society was telling him about how to live. With this realization, Scheplitz would never be defined by his perceived physical limitations again. From there, his new lease on life grew into a complete change in his mindset, and a re-evaluation of what’s possible. It gave him the courage to seek alternative treatments for his body, such as chiropractic care, and the confidence to build his own businesses from the ground up.

“I always listened to people telling me not to start my own business. But when I finally did it, it worked. People told me not to bother seeking alternate treatment. But when I tried chiropractic, it worked. I don’t believe in traditional mindsets anymore. I want to inspire and motivate people to do their own thing,” he states.

Starting His Own Marketing Agencies

Scheplitz graduated from university in 2008 in the midst of the global financial crisis. He admits that he struggled for many years to get on his feet after earning his degree. There were entire years that he’d find himself out of work. Yet, he persevered and filled out as many as six hundred applications in the span of a few short years. Every time he landed a marketing job, he would find himself in a one-year contract that would end too quickly, leaving him scrambling for work once again. Ultimately, he became exhausted from the constant feast or famine mode he found himself in as an employee.

This was until one year, with only 500 euros to his name, Scheplitz finally decided to take the leap and started his own marketing agency. It seemed that all of the strife he had been through had led him to a moment where everything clicked into place. This happened when he was in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean, where he discovered the online gaming and sports betting industry. He quickly realized that this market was underserved and that he could do much better.

“I stopped working on [my current] project and decided to do it myself. I knew I could do this better. This was my main focus shift: knowing I can do this better, and that’s how I started. All these things I did before for clients or other jobs — now, I was doing them for myself. And it was time to build my own business.”

Becoming a Leader in Content Marketing

In the online sports betting industry, Scheplitz has made a name for himself building one of the top three agencies in the market. From there, he has been able to branch into many different niches, such as beauty and fashion. His focus is on helping people build a brand and vision through powerful content marketing and video marketing. Scheplitz is a true leader in the marketing space, yet his secret to success lies in how he treats his employees.

Scheplitz is a dedicated and inspiring leader for his employees. He employs over 250 freelancers throughout the world and has helped them stay financially stable during the lockdowns of 2020. In fact, his company was already set up seamlessly for remote work because of his commitment to giving his employees the flexibility to travel or leave when they had a family medical emergency.

Due to some of the terrible experiences he sustained while working for others, he always knew he could do better if he was in charge. He wanted to create a positive workplace that helped the entire team thrive. He understood that a positive work environment would yield significantly better results for his clients. His motivation to work hard for his employees and provide top-notch work to his clients all stems from one thing: His dream to give people the tools they need to succeed without wondering where their next dollar is coming from, much like he has experienced in the past.

“Working at [so many] different companies, the environment would often be toxic. I’d often question how certain people got their positions. I thought to myself, ‘I could do this better. I could provide better services and have better team chemistry than those who were my bosses before.’”

Leveraging His Marketing Business for Good

Scheplitz now uses his content marketing expertise to help his friends and clients alike build their dream businesses, and also invests in a number of them. He feels blessed to be able to partner with four of his dear friends to help them build their online business platforms, and to assist in kick starting their journeys when they didn’t know where to start.

Scheplitz enabled them to leverage their companies with immense support and marketing knowledge. Being able to support others is what truly motivates him to be successful in his businesses, and with a passion for investing in people and their passions, Scheplitz truly loves being able to help others be their best and live their dreams.

In today’s remote world, content marketing is more essential than ever to cut through the noise and be seen and heard online. Scheplitz specializes in helping his clients get started and grow. Often, he works with people that were in his shoes just 5 years ago — with an idea, but not exactly sure where to start.

He helps people feel inspired and bolster their brands to reach the audience and clients they need for success. He remarks, “There are so many people who know what they want to start but can’t produce the content. They need someone to give them a nudge in the right direction, knowing that they can either do it themselves or work with me on their brands.”

Ultimately, Scheplitz wants to help other business owners understand what’s possible when they stop listening to others and take a leap. His big heart and dedication to his team is a true inspiration. Scheplitz is a clear example of what’s possible when you change your mindset and decide to go for it — regardless of what your dreams are.



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