LiveSotori founder JR Anthony built an online family business that helps his students generate their first five figures online in a matter of weeks

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Starting an online business is no easy feat, but the vast majority of entrepreneurs will agree that it’s worth the effort. But why go through months of grinding if you can get the same results in a matter of weeks?

That’s the value proposition that Junior “JR” Anthony has built his businesses around. He’s achieved outstanding results for all his students, gaining him recognition in the business coaching space.

In a world of big names from big brands going on to start other big brands and countless startup success stories, it’s nice to see someone just succeeding at what they love without necessarily disrupting an entire market in the process.

You don’t have to travel far beyond his site to see all the testimonials that have been left by satisfied students. He’s not the first coach to use this method, but the sheer number of testimonials is enough to beat the competition and even more experienced coaches.

To get a better idea of why he does what he does, how he runs the business, and his plans for the future, we arranged an exclusive interview with Junior. This article will go over the insights we got while picking his brain.

Humble beginnings

He may be one of the most desired coaches in the online business world today, but Junior wasn’t always living the high life. He spent an entire year homeless in the less-than-friendly streets of New York.

The Big Apple is a stunning metropolis, but it can be an unforgiving landscape to those in poverty. Sleeping in the basement of college campuses, abandoned properties, and the backseat of a car was what Junior had to endure before he would go on to build his coaching empire.

“I woke up one morning to a painful burning sensation in my toes and fingers — only to discover that my car was buried in snow while parked in the parking lot overnight,” Junior told us.

“I turned my keys to start my car in an attempt to warm myself up and wipe the snow off my windshield. Then I realized I left my phone charging overnight, and it had killed the battery. I couldn’t open the door even. That night, there was a blizzard, and my entire car was buried under a few feet of snow. I was completely stuck and thought I might die of hunger or freeze to death — whichever came first,” he added.

Junior told us that the night he spent in a snow-buried car was a big eye-opener. It reminded him of how similar his current and very literal situation was to the internal struggles that he was enduring. Besides being cold and hungry, he felt stuck. He had nowhere to go, didn’t know what to do, and had nothing to help him.

That feeling of helplessness and entrapment was difficult to overcome, but it motivated Junior to ensure that neither he nor anyone else would have to experience that again. That said, his journey wasn’t exactly an overnight success.

“A few months later, I found myself with just $10 to my name. The ‘safe, secure job’ that I had laid me off due to nothing more than a minor injury that I sustained. I was stuck and depressed,” he said.

At this point, Junior was nearly past the worst of it, but he didn’t know that yet. In fact, it seemed like things were only on track to get worse.

“My girlfriend at the time had just called my phone and said that she wanted to go out. I agreed but was thinking to myself: ‘With what money?’ She arrived at my house no later than an hour after, and we found ourselves in the nearest Panera Bread, where I spent $9 out of the $10 on a Baja mac and cheese,” Junior said. At this point, he had almost nothing left.

The turning point

“I was down to one dollar, and my hope of being successful was slowly fading away. Once seated, I excused myself to make one phone call, one last roll of the dice in hopes that the universe would work in my favor before I ended it all. I had no purpose,” recalled Junior.

He had met a CrossFit gym owner a few months prior during an attempt to become a digital marketer. The business owner from Miami was reluctant, to say the least: “I don’t trust you. How do I know that once I give you this money, you won’t just run off?”

This doubt was reasonable (if harshly phrased) because there’s no shortage of phony marketers out there who are just in it for the money. Despite the brash nature of the potential client, Junior refused to be swayed.

His answer, “You can pay me half now and the other half when I get the job done,” was the stoic response that, after a few moments of silence, finally got Junior his first paying client. In a matter of minutes, he turned his $1 into a few hundred through nothing more than persistence.

He was far from a marketing expert at the time, but this was just the breakthrough that Junior needed to get his career on track.

Moving forward

The relationship with the Floridian CrossFit client did end eventually. But rather than take an $18/hour job at USPS or accept eviction as a reality, Junior attended a webinar hosted by Vishen from Mind Valley.

He realized that the only things holding him back were his self-limiting beliefs.

“Before I attract any success in life, I first need to change those thoughts.” — Junior Anthony

After he changed his mindset, it was only a matter of time before Junior would achieve the success that he was destined for from the start. Not long after, a client he’d been struggling to close called him and practically demanded a meeting within the next 12 hours.

“It was at that meeting that my whole life changed … In that meeting, I landed my first $1,500 client,” Junior told us.


Most marketers would panic when a global pandemic rolls around, as they fear their services will be one of the expendable services cut. But Junior knew that the value he provided was far from expendable.

“Before I knew it, coronavirus hit the digital marketing world really badly. Many businesses were spending less because of the uncertainty. I lost a handful of clients at what seems like the same time. It didn’t bother me too much because now more than ever, my services would be needed.”

During the pandemic, Junior started helping out one of his friends from the music industry who wanted to get started with an online career. Despite the uncertain times and bear economy, JR refused to let his friend pay for the coaching.

Junior told us that he was determined to help his friend, saying, “I helped him get started in digital marketing by buying a training program for him. A few days later, the autoresponder wouldn’t stop pounding me until I joined their Facebook group, so I did.”

After joining this group, he quickly found countless people looking for help on things that seemed simple to him due to his marketing background. Junior started to give out free help to those who needed it.

“I felt like if I ignored them, knowing my abilities and how easily I could help them, I would be part of the problem instead of the solution,” he said. Some people didn’t act on the advice, though, which drove Junior to find a way to make people value his ideas.

Junior told us, “I was done helping out for free because people don’t value free. This inspired me to create a two-day live workshop, a program that would not only help people navigate the online world but also make money online via affiliate marketing. This became the start of my new online family.

Within a few months of starting, the students kept coming in. Now, Junior has a whole community of students applying his marketing know-how and achieving financial freedom, despite the unfortunate events this year.


Since the beginning, Junior has focused on helping his students achieve their goals.

“Now, I have a large online family of sharks that continuously surprises me daily, making this the best job I have ever had. I have the luxury of being the person to change my family’s lives. I’ve managed to coach my students into massive online success,” said Junior.

Some of his students can earn $3,000 in a single day — enough to pay for over 300 orders of Baja mac and cheese! Despite being centered around internet marketing, the course is easy enough for people of all ages to grasp.

One particular student, a 62-year-old woman, managed to earn $4,700 in a single week.

“We have newcomers making $4k in their first two weeks with me after previously spending thousands on other programs that offered zero results. We’ve been able to give this one guy the joy of making more money in a single day than his entire monthly salary at his previous job.”

Junior has also helped 30 of his family members quit their jobs altogether and live life on their own terms. If that’s not a crowning achievement, then we don’t know what is. We all want to see our loved ones to have the career they deserve, not the one they settled for.

Why LiveSotori is different

A strong sense of community lies at the heart of LiveStoroi and that’s a big part of what makes it different. It’s not just a group, but a family unit. That close bond keeps everyone accountable and gets them through the tough times since there’s always that circle of support.

In that way, Zoom calls feel less like work and more like quality time with those you care about. It’s so much easier to find encouragement when you’re working towards a goal with people that mean a lot to you.

According to LiveSotori, the group serves as a petri dish that incubates everything needed to remain a productive, functional, and healthy family. The genuine connection between every member of the program serves as a lifeline.

A lifeline in a world where it’s getting increasingly harder to find people who can stay focused on positive growth, success, and prosperity instead of aiming for superficial goals like admiration or coming off as affluent — but LiveSotori manages to pull it off.

What Junior does today

Nowadays, Junior is determined to give back to those in need. When he’s not coaching his students, he takes the time to help others stay on top of their mental health.

He does this every single Monday, helping people of all ages get past their fears, previous experiences, or traumas. Junior tells us that the most recent topic they went over was how to let go of worries and find enjoyment in life.

“We have had people talk about their negative experiences with things such as loss, pain, and disappointment. I do these classes for free for everyone because I understand that success is almost impossible if you are not mentally prepared for it first,” he said.

In addition to these mental health classes, Junior regularly donates to the homeless and churches to give back to the community and show his gratitude for how far he’s come.

If Junior’s story inspired you, then become a part of his growing legacy by joining the family!



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