Why Kristin Thomas’ Health & Wellness Business School is the Gold Standard of Business Coaching

Rhonda Swan
9 min readNov 19, 2020

A few months ago, Kristin Thomas received a text message from her client, Sophie Shepherd.

“Kristin — I can’t even believe this. I’ve just closed another sale at full price. I just reached my biggest revenue month yet!”

That’s a big deal for any emerging entrepreneur. The fact that it occurred in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing short of phenomenal.

“It was a lot of money to be making per month,” says Kristin. “And it was a lot of money for a health coach to be making at a time where people felt like they couldn’t charge their full price.”

Since meeting Kristin, Sophie’s health coaching business, She Talks Health, has continued to defy the economic downturn. Sophie has grown her social media following five-fold and quadrupled her prices. She’s also partnered with another client of Kristin’s to create a group program, which has since maxed out. Recently, she was invited to be a radio host for VoiceAmerica and is fast becoming one of the top hormone health experts in her industry.

That’s a lot of wins in a short space of time, especially in times like these. While it could be said that people are thinking more about their health these days, Sophie’s clients might never have found her if it weren’t for Kristin’s guidance.

In June of last year, things were very different for Sophie. She’d been running her business for a short time and had a small pool of clients. She was also about to graduate from a functional health course that she’d taken to advance her business, and she had a vague idea of what her program should look like. Her social media wasn’t really taking off, and she wasn’t sure how to grow.

She had vision, drive, and passion. But when it came to turning that into a profit, she was stumped.

That’s when she asked Kristin for help.

Kristin is the founder and CEO of Health & Wellness Business School: an intensive business coaching program for wellness practitioners who want to make six-figures doing what they love. A marketing professional for over 11 years, a three-time entrepreneur, and having graduated from the same functional health school as Sophie, Kristin now teaches others how to build sustainable, profitable businesses using strategic and organic marketing and sales strategies.

Sophie wanted what Kristin had: a successful coaching business in the holistic health space. She’d been following Kristin while she was successfully running her six-figure earning functional health coaching business and had a laundry list of questions for moving her own business forward.

“I loved her content, and I could see that she had scaled her business to a place where she was really happy,” says Sophie. “When you work with someone who understands what you’re going through, it’s going to be so synergistic.”

Finding Sophie’s “spark”

Marketing genius Seth Godin famously said, “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

Right from the beginning, Kristin realized that Sophie was missing a crucial ingredient in her business plan: a niche. In other words, Sophie was trying desperately to please everyone. She’d watched what other health coaches were doing and had put all her efforts into covering every possible health issue.

Being a generalist isn’t going to win you clients, says Kristin. In Sophie’s case, it meant her programs and services were no different from that of any other graduate of her school.

“It’s not competitive, and it’s not going to stand out in the market,” Kristin explains. “If everyone has the same program, you end up in a price war, and as a coach, that’s a dangerous (and not so fun) place to be. A client could talk to any coach and go through any program and get the same outcome.”

That’s why Kristin encourages her clients to find their zone of genius: the one area that they are most passionate about and knowledgeable in. “Once you have that, you’ll be able to get clear on the audience that you want to target and exactly what you want to help them with.”

So, that was where she started with Sophie. “We walked through what she wanted to do,” Kristin explains. “We talked about where her expertise lies and the people she’d like to help the most.”

It quickly emerged that Sophie did indeed have a special focus. Having fought several personal health battles in the past, she was deeply motivated to help other women overcome their own hormonal problems.

“I still remember to this day the look on her face when we landed on her niche and unique program,” says Kristin. “She just lit up this sparkle came out in her eyes that I hadn’t yet seen before.”

Acknowledging her passion turned out to be the lightning-bolt moment that Sophie needed. Kristin was then able to encourage her to use that personal experience in her services.

“She works with her clients on things that she’s worked on herself personally. She’s done a lot of in-depth work in this area because it’s affected her as well.”

From there, Sophie’s new business plan began to take shape. Together, Kristin and Sophie created a powerful new coaching program that fused Sophie’s passion, skills, and personal experience. This time, it was customized to her personally.

Creating killer content

Valuable content comes from a strong sense of brand, Kristin explains. Generalizing won’t help you land clients.

Although Sophie was a great writer and had had some engagement on social media, her content was still too broad.

“Your audience needs to know what you specialize in,” Kristin says. “Creating magnetic content means using words that resonate with your target clients and “makes them stop and want to read.”

With Sophie’s health coaching program now established, her content marketing strategy now had a focus. “Once we knew her program, her process, her zone of genius, and her niche, she had the ingredients for a really strong content strategy,” Kristin explains.

Kristin showed her how to extract the most valuable components of her program and match them with the pain points of her target clients.

Instead of talking to her audience at a general level and trying to help everyone, she learned that she could narrow her focus to a specific group. This way, Sophie was able to speak directly to her audience’s needs.

Clinching the clients

Knowing your value in the marketplace is key to bringing in business, says Kristin. However, holistic practitioners are often hesitant about what to charge.

Like Sophie, they may need some schooling on their “money mindset” and how to price themselves in a competitive market.

Kristin taught Sophie to recognize her values through the services she was providing for other women as a fully-trained, experienced practitioner. “I helped her step into her value in the market and how to price that. She needed to know what to charge and why, rather than pulling a number out of thin air.”

Having convinced Sophie of her worth, Kristin was able to coach her in the specific sales techniques that she had herself used to grow her own business. She calls this her “Comment to Client” script. “This helps you assess your potential client straight from social media and understand if they’re fit to work with you.”

Once you’ve established that, you can ultimately bring them into an enrollment call. By using Kristin’s “Sales with Authenticity” script, you should then be able to close them as a new client. “What I loved about this process is it showed me how to be in alignment with the women I was trying to help and being in service to them to take their health to the next level; it wasn’t just about being about making a sale or closing the next lead. This process truly separates the Health & Wellness Business School from the rest.”

Ninety percent of purchasing decisions are emotional, Kristin reminds her clients. That’s never so important as when working in the health and wellness space. “If you have a very head-based analytical conversation that’s just on the surface level, then of course they’re not going to enroll. I teach people how to dive deeper and get into their client’s emotions.”

From average to amazing

In the months after working with Kristin, Sophie’s enrollment rates began to increase. Her online presence flourished, and she was able to double her prices then quadruple them.

Now, just over a year after working with Kristin, Sophie is thriving as one of the most sought-after practitioners in her field and one of the top functional hormone health experts in her industry. “She Talks Health” is a successful podcast on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel. The show features experts in the world of functional medicine to help educate women about their own symptoms and guide them in their health journey.

Most importantly, Sophie is at a point where her business has recurring revenue, and she no longer needs to search for clients: they come to her. Experts around the world want to be a guest on her podcast. And her fan base continues to grow.

Like a proud parent, Kristin loves seeing Sophie’s business go from strength to strength. “She did all the groundwork. She just needed to get clear on the direction she was heading and set the foundation. Now, she’s completely stepped into her power and her purpose and developed a magnetizing brand.”

While much of the work was tactical, Kristin says there was also mental work involved. Now, things that were scary for Sophie last year are not so scary. “People feel that through her content and the conversations they have with her. She’s just a radiant example of what it means to be a six-figure earner as a health coach and be a leader in her field.”

“I owe her my business.” — Sophie Shepherd

Sophie herself still struggles to believe how far she’s come. Before she met Kristin, her business was “a mess,” she says.

“I was undercharging, I didn’t know what my niche was, I didn’t know how to get new clients. I was serving anyone and everyone who would maybe pay me some amount of money.”

In short, she didn’t know how to run a health coaching business. But Kristin’s approach blew her mind. “She taught me how to niche down, how to organize my business, how to do marketing. I had never done any of that before.”

Sophie explains that she’d initially resisted choosing a niche in case it made her less desirable to more people.

But instead, the opposite happened.

“As soon as I niched down, I had such a clear vision in my business. I was able to write toward those people and stand up as a leader in that specific niche. And the clients have just come to me so easily.”

She laughs about the prices she used to charge. Now, she charges five times that and people are paying her.

Along with her financial wins, Sophie says that she’s had a huge confidence boost. “I was pretty much scared all the time in my business. I would wake up in fear. And now I don’t because I know that I have a clear path ahead. Instead of living in fear, I live in abundance.”

If she hadn’t met Kristin, she says, she would have stayed stuck: working four jobs just to survive and keeping her health coaching as a hobby. Instead, Kristin has helped her turn her coaching business into a career.

“Kristin asked me what I wanted and I wanted it all. I was done playing small. And she’s helped me get there. I probably would have quit by now if I hadn’t met her. I owe her everything in my business.”

With her newfound fearlessness, Sophie has now set her sights even higher: becoming a CEO. She’s joined Kristin’s mastermind program and can’t wait to continue her winning momentum.

Sophie also encourages other entrepreneurs to join Kristin’s program. As scary as it is to invest in yourself and in your business, she says it’s the best thing she ever did. “Get off the fence and say yes! This is your future business and your future happiness. This is all the money that you ever wanted to make. It’s all the differences in people’s lives that you wanted to make. Just say yes, it’s going to help you.”



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